Women Liberation In India

Everyday she goes through humiliation. Everyday she is abused. Everyday her dreams are killed. Everyday her privacy is intruded. Yes she is the woman, the woman in your house. Do you ever look at her?

We hear everyday that women liberation is on full swing. Yes, if you think so that working in offices, earning money, stepping out of the box, holding prestigious positions in high places, making decisions etc. is liberation then yes the woman is surely liberated. But, alas. She goes through  abuse and humiliation every single day in her own house. The house which she keeps so close to her heart, the people whom she loves the most are the ones who disrespect her every now and then. And this happens mostly for no fault of hers.

She, who steps out is respected and appreciated for her talent by the outside world  and at the same time is shunned for doing so in her own home by her own people. Today this is the story of almost each and every house in India.

This is a country where we have had a woman Prime Minister and a President too and so many women fought in the freedom struggle, so many hold prestigious positions in all fields be it – services, politics, police, airlines, business, name it and you find women there doing so well and so respected in their respective fields. So why is it that the same are not respected at home?

Children, husbands, relatives, friends all do not fail to abuse in any form. It’s not just that she may be raped by strangers or relatives … it is that she is spoken to rudely, shunned away, not appreciated for her hard work. Mostly this happens as she hurts the male ego and he is unable to fathom her happiness.

When will all this end? How long does she need to fight? Is there ever any liberation? Many decades ago Gandhi Ji had urged the Men to follow the policy of respecting the woman in your house but alas after so many years also we are still at the same threshold.

Liberate her in the true sense and save your home from being destroyed. She is your saviour, she is the mother, the wife, the daughter… let her live and breathe in a world of respect and appreciation. That is all she asks for. Love her as she loves you. She is special and she has a right to a dignified life. Let her break free.




6 thoughts on “Women Liberation In India

  1. Aah !!! a topic so close to my heart that every time I hear about it, it literally pains me and I have to restrain my self from shouting.
    Did you say “…..Liberate her in the true sense and save your home from being destroyed. She is your saviour, she is the mother, the wife, the daughter… let her live and breathe in a world of respect and appreciation. That is all she asks for. Love her as she loves you……” This is where I disagree with the women of the world. They may hate me for this, but I am not going to budge from my stand.

    No body needs to liberate Women, no one but the women herself. God created women to be the life giving force in nature, he made her the nurturing force of nature, and he endowed her with all the qualities needed to do so (and his creations are flawless when looked from the perspective of fulfilling a need or purpose). but what has the woman done to herself… It starts from the moment she bears a son. He becomes a tool, a weapon for her. She is possessive about it and sharpens it like a weapon and does not nurture it like a fruit bearing tree. No, she does not. She is protective about him, she sacrifices for him like she would never do for her girl child. In fact it starts much before that, she yearns for him even before she conjugates and the sacrifices start much before the actual conjugation, the fast, the penance and what not. But she is not able to nurture the son like a tree, a majestic tree providing shade, providing fruit, providing other benevolence from its strength, no it has to be a weapon.
    SO when the weapon matures and goes into the world and behaves the way it has been moulded, why does the woman complain that the weapon hurts. Doesn’t she know that a weapon is meant to hurt only, even if it protects someone, it will do so by hurting someone else.
    I can go on and on…. but for starters this is my view…

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    • Thanks Vivek for your view. To some extent I would say 10% of women come in the category you mentioned. Rest all of them cherish the girl child. They love her to the core and she is the best friend ever. Rarely the Maa differentiates… My post was not only aiming at the MEN. It is everyone. Go have a look around. You will know.

      Thanks … your view is appreciated.


      • Aah, I think I need to articulate my thoughts in a better way.
        1. I never spoke about a women not treating her daughter properly or not loving their daughters dearly or in any way less, but trust me the boy child is always special for the mother. And special in a way which is not like a daughter is special to her father.
        2. You may not see this behavior in the immediate vicinity around you because the middle class value systems are quite different, but try going out a little further, trust me you will agree with my observation.
        3. And again I am not defending the men folk. Not at all by any means. They definitely are the culprits who have exploited the women. If you pick up history the exploitation runs to the extent that all prehistoric cultures (the Pagan worship including the Sanatan DHarm ) worshiped the female form (the nature is treated as the female form) but currently all religions (except a few followers in Sanatan Dharm who worship the devi) worship only the male form and their is no mention of the female form at all in their scripture. Even god is a MALE now. But that is another debate… What I meant to say was that I lay the blame more on the women for this misdeed because she has allowed it to be done to her covertly and overtly and in the process has let herself be branded the weaker form…. That is blasphemous for me. In my psyche, in my heart and in my world the woman is purer and stronger form, but it has maligned itself today.
        Sorry I always get carried away by this subject..

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    • Thanks a lot Kathryn. I so wish this dream comes true for everyone! But sadly the women herself needs to stand up which she does not may be cannot. So there lies the pain. We are progressing and soon we shall do it! I am positive! Thanks.


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