Movie Time – India Box Office

A busy weekend ahead with a lot of releases coming up on India Box Office with some comedy, emotions, thrills, suspense, history and romance.

10152389_322856551219378_6996467629659209088_nRANG RASIYA (Hindi): Director Ketan Mehta brings a story based on the 19Th century famous painter Raja Ravi Verma, who dared to paint Gods and gave them faces. Randeep Hooda plays Raja Ravi Verma and Nandana Sen plays his muse. The story revolves around the life span of Verm as he fights to bring his paintings to life. 

Besides Randeep Hooda and Nandana Sen, Triptha Parasher, Suhasini Mulay, Vikram Gokhale and Paresh Rawal are featured.

Another release this week is THE SHAUKEENS (Hindi), a comedy and a remake of Basu Chaterjee’s 1982 ‘Shaukeens’. The cast includes Anupam Kher, Annu Kapoor, Piyush Misra and Lisa Hayden. We also see Akshay Kapoor in a cameo role playing himself. The film is directed by Abhishek Sharma.

10563078_313365738840869_5113933356611056548_nCHAAR SAHIBZAADE (Hindi/Punjabi), directed by Harry Baweja, is a 3D animation on Sikh History. The real story of Guru Gobind Ji’s four sons who bravely fight against the Mughal empire and lay down their lives too; A DECENT ARRANGEMENT (Hinglish), directed by Sarovar Banka, features Shabana Azmi, Adam Laupus, Lethia Nall and Farid Currim.

It is the story of an Indian-American copywriter who comes to India looking for an arranged marriage. Cross culture differences and love tear him apart.

INTERSTELLAR (English): Director Christopher Nolan, the maker of Inception and Dark Knight Trilogy, brings us another science fiction Interstellar. It is the story of Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) and his journey to save the world from extinction.

10410906_914630468564644_5665251687768442405_nA time has come on Earth when food is scarce, crops are dying, all economies have crashed and NASA has been shut long back. A mysterious wormhole is discovered by scientists and a group of explorers are sent off to find other planets to save mankind.

Dr. Brand (Michael Caine), who has spent 40 years trying to explore a new planet where humans can survive, sends his daughter Amelia (Anne Hathaway) and Cooper along with others on an interstellar journey.

The main cast includes Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain and Michael Caine.

Other releases this week: BIG HERO 6 (English), directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams, is a 3D computer-animated film about Hiro Hamada who forms a superhero robotic team to avenge his brother’s death; THE NIGHT CRAWLERS (English), directed by Dan Gilroy, is a crime thriller about a young man who accidentally gets involved into crime journalism. The main cast includes Jake Gyllenhall, Rene Russo and Bill Paxton.

Till next week ciao…


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