Movie Time – India Box Office

movie_98dbcbc316d707cdc5d26b3794c19d65239261963India celebrates the festival of Holi this week which depicts the victory of good over the evil. And alongside it so happens that we see the release of ‘Coffee Bloom’ this Friday on the India Box Office. The story of a man, who loses all that he holds dear and as a result he loses faith in life.

Manu Warrier who debuts in direction with this film said, “Coffee Bloom is a romantic drama which is set in a coffee plantation zone, but it’s very unconventional in approach.” He further says, “We adopted a definite strategy than just technical gimmickry. Coffee Bloom is a small film, so I wanted to make it in a very limited budget.”

The film stars Arjun Mathur as Devanand Kariappa who is happy to be a loser but after the death of his mother goes back to his ancestral property where life has a few surprises in store for him. He meets his ex-girlfriend Anika, played by Sugandha Garg, there and they both fall in love again. She is a married woman and his boss too now. Does that change anything anymore? Will they be successful this time? Will he find peace?

The film stars Arjun Mathur whom we have seen in My Name Is Khan and Luck By Chance but he rose to fame as Dr. Romesh in Ankur Arora’s Murder Case. We also have Sugandha Garg, who played the role of the makeup artist in Tere Bin Laden and was also in My Name Is Khan. She is also a singer and a tv host.

THE LAZARUS EFFECT posterThe next release this Holi week is ‘Badmashiyan.’ Directed by Amit Khanna, the film stars Suzzana Mukherjee, Sharib Hashmi and Siddhant Gupta.

From the director of Insidious and Paranormal Activity David Gelb, here comes another horror flick which releases this Friday ‘The Lazarus Effect.’ The film stars Olivia Wilde who has been seen in a few television series like, House, The O.C. and films like In Time and Her. Opposite Olivia we have Mark Duplass who is a producer, director cum actor.

The story of the film involves a medical experiment in which the team brings the dead back to life by using a serum called the Lazarus. In the process one assistant in the lab dies and they use the Lazarus to bring her back. The experiment goes wrong as the patient becomes very aggressive and starts killing everyone.

It so seems that the evil has taken over the living and so the adventure begins. A hard-core supernatural horror film, you just might need some guts to see it through.

urlThe next and the last release is ‘Against The Sun,’ based on a true story the voyage of a lifetime which may never end. Directed by Brian Falk, the film stars Tom Felton, Jake Able and Garret Dillahunt. During the World War 2, three Navy Airmen are caught in a Torpedo Bomber crash in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and brave out the harsh realities. Three strangers who blame each other for the crash which has landed them in water full of Sharks, for miles and miles to go without any food or water. The fight becomes for the survival against all odds.

So this weekend you have lots to catch up with these releases and also the World Cup going on with the ongoing Holi festival. Hope all this does not affect the Box Office.

Till next week … ciao.


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