Alice’s 150 years in Wonderland

The most loved book in the world of children, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ completes a 150 years this week in July. On July 4th 1862, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson was walking along the Thames when 10 year old Alice said, “Please tell us a story.” Hence started a journey that would be cherished for 150 years and more… what did he know at that time as to how popular it would become with the children. It sure is one of the most loved stories till date. 

Lewis Carroll, born as ‘Charles Lutwidge Dodgson’ was a shy Oxford tutor of Mathematics who also stammered at times. Sitting on the Library window he used to look outside and see a bunch of kids playing. He slowly made friends with them and called them over for tea. Alice Liddell was one of them. She was the daughter of the Dean of the college and is the one who caught the most of his attention.

One fine morning they went to the river Thames. Alice requested him to narrate a story. He started with a world of imagination where a girl falls into a rabbit hole and so the adventure began. Being a master at playing with the words, he later on started writing under the name of Lewis Carroll. 

Lewis’s heroine Alice was a curious little girl who follows her heart in all that she does. That is the message he sent out to everyone. The book just completed 150 years this week in July and shall be loved for eternity. 

My introduction to the book was at an early age and I have lived the life of Alice each time I read the book. Such was the power of the words of Lewis Carroll who transports you into a dreamland which is full of unthinkable wonders. The Cheshire ‘Puss’, the ‘Mad Hatter’, the apoplectic ‘Queen of Hearts’, the Hare, the potion that makes you shrink and grow, and the mad mad tea party, all these wonders truly make it the Wonderland. 

The book eventually got published on November 26th, 1865. Later Lewis came up with a sequel ‘Through the Looking-Glass’ which was not as well received as the earlier one. The Royal Mail has issued 10 stamps to commemorate the 150th  anniversary of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. 



2 thoughts on “Alice’s 150 years in Wonderland

  1. Carl the children always enjoyed these stories when narrated to them by their parents or grandparents. Only a few ever enjoyed them by just reading the book. In today’s world there are very very few parents and grandparents who narrate stories to their kids and the movies fill this void. Even today their are those few who do enjoy the tales by just reading. I have a very personal example. I have two angles at home, one would perpetually be in her world of books and has to be forced out of it to do her worldly chores like eating and playing, while the other who has access to the same growing collection of books has to be told to read. But she is very good at coaxing her mother into narrating a story to her and at very rare times me to tell her incidents. So they all love the ageless stories but yes in different medium. and reading books is still a live medium. and the fact that the books have been replaced not by cinema but by electronic reading devices is in my view enough proof.
    Sorry Gee I diverted from the main issue “Älice in Wonderland” one reason being I never read the whole book ever, seemed too girly to me…. But the book still sells and kids still do read it.

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