Did you cause an accident!

Road accidents leave a scar on you, at times it’s on the body and others it’s the mind. I’m sure many of you have have accidents on roads. Be it any magnitude, the shock level is quite the same.

My father told me, as he taught me how to drive a two wheeler some 30 years back, that accidents mostly happen due to other peoples’ fault and seldom you are the reason, but the damage is yours equally.

Well, recently a close friend of mine met with an accident, where his car got severely damaged. And yes, he was simply parked on the left when a bigger car rammed into his own. See, technically, it was not his mistake.

By God’s grace, he escaped without a scratch. Well, we can say almost without a scratch, as he was unable to get over the body shock due to the accident for many weeks to come. Though with great courage he hitchhiked home safely at the time of the accident. Then the police station rounds and the car renovation process took over.

Now all seems well. The car is all fixed and running smooth. But, the scars of the mind and heart are too deep to be healed, to the extent that now the confidence to drive has eluded him ever since. Any amount of counselling is not working on his damaged mind.

20160110%5C2016011011000914To share another recent incident, one more close friend’s car got smashed under a landslide on a hilly road. It was sheer luck that he could notice a puncture and left the car on a hilly roadside.

As he returned in the morning, he couldn’t find his car. The four wheeler was hidden under a mount of boulders and sludge. It was sheer grace of God there was no one in the car during the landslide.

Well, we do escape death in many forms often and hence we should bless our stars and thank God for every day we live. If the mind keeps thinking of the past, the heart will never be happy.

Learn from your mistakes and be careful. Live life to the fullest. You are not to hold yourself guilty for everything that happens in your life. It is not always your mistake. Things happen, but remember – “The Show Must Go On.”


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