My Vice Head Boy

When you are bringing up kids, you always wonder at every step. “Is this right? Am I doing the right thing?” Such thoughts cloud the mind, many nights and days.

And everyone you meet somehow has the authority to tell you what is good for your kid. Some say out of genuine concern and others are simply jealous. Yes! I never used to believe that people who appear so close, can harm you in any way. But, life has its own ways to show you the truth.

Recently, I heard a lot about my teenage son (mind you he is a good boy) and mostly it was to prove that what I’m doing is wrong. It got me wondering … are they right?

Why would anyone give me a wrong feedback? Maybe it’s me who is not paying enough attention (though its never enough), maybe I’ve given too much liberty (which I have), maybe I’m too soft on my kids?

Well, how good is parenting or how bad, one can never measure, can we? As I let all these doubts cloud my mind, in my heart I knew I was doing the right thing or maybe what is right in the prevailing circumstances. And guess what, he did prove me right!

The school had its investiture ceremony and he walked down the red carpet, head held high, to take the badge of the ‘Vice Head Boy’ of the Senior Secondary School.

Happiness rolled down my cheeks in the form of tears and pride stayed back in my smile.

And proudly for the next two weeks I showed off my ‘Vice Head Boy’ to each and everyone who ever doubted me.

He may be the Deputy as of now but for me he is the ‘Head Boy’ and I’m a proud mother!!!


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