Working From Home – Good & Evil

work-from-homeI’m a mother of two, have a start-up and work from a place called office at home. I don’t know if working from home is a blessing or a devil in disguise.

Now-a-days it is a fad and everyone is working from home. And it is okay to work from home unlike earlier times when all this was not possible. It sure makes life a bit easier. It saves travel time as one does not have to travel at all. So no traffic woes and no reaching the office in time. One is flexible and one’s own master for sure.

You can take lunch and tea breaks and most importantly you are closer to your kids and family in case of emergencies.  You can spend time with the kids as they come back from school and finish off some odd work here and there. You can take an occasional nap too. And the best part is that you conserve your resources by working at home, which other wise would be so difficult unless you are loaded with capital.


Well, now comes the bad part. Concentration level is very low, which is great loss where work is concerned. You tend to be a part of anything that is happening in the house, whether you like it or not.  If you are living in a joint family then God save you. It is natural some unhealthy competition creeps up every now and then.

You are expected to do stuff every now and then. Well, how important can your office work be… after all. You have to take out time for all family functions big or small, anytime of the day, even if you are not able to or don’t want to! Is there any way that you can say no? Nopes! All this affect your concentration level and you need to start all over again.

On the other hand a few blessed ones do get help and support from their families. Pray you are the blessed.

Then there is a comparison between the amount of money you would be earning if you worked in a company, taking home a good sum, and the amount, whatever, you would be investing in your start-up.

There also goes on, forever, unending argument whether you have made the right decisions regarding finances. Is your spouse okay with your expenditure and time investment? If not, then you had it. God help you. If yes, you are blessed.

Another big drawback is the comparison between the spouses. Your office and staff may be taken for granted but even the peon from spouse’s office is important. If they have a meeting, it is clearly – ‘Do Not Disturb’, but, surely they have all the rights to walk into your office intruding whenever they want because it is important. If they are on a phone call, you are supposed to be ‘silent’, be it on the dining table, middle of a cozy conversation or early morning. If you pick your phone during such time, you’re advised to put the phone down.

25057625Why are the rules different? Well, I guess it does not matter if you work in office or outside. It is the same for all working couples and daughter-in-laws! It will take a few generations to amend these rules.

Basically, all we need to do is be patient and balance home and work life. Maybe if once you put your foot down and say ‘No’, things may get easy. And most important is that we must believe that what I’m doing is the right thing to do and the right manner. We can learn from others and take help at times.

Have faith and never give in, is the mantra.


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