Amazing Amazon celebrates ‘Mother’

Amazon India has come up with a series of new advertisements targeting the youth and mothers. An online shopping paradise, Amazon has touched all the chords with this ad campaign. It has shot three videos showing how you can bring happiness back into your mother’s life.

The videos are directed by Harshvardhan Kulkrani, who got a National Award for the Best Promotional Film Lost and Found, also has some Bollywood movies to his credit. The brain behind this campaign is none other than Ogilvy & Mather, Bengaluru. The campaign is known as #MomBeAGirlAgain.

14141768_547886418738501_659909911202128584_nThe campaign shows three women of different age groups caught in the web of motherhood and marriage.

One is gifted a Badminton racket by her husband to start playing again. And so, in between the tough task of feeding morsels of food to her kiddo, she tosses the shuttle around and succeeds to complete the mission. It worked one time but may not work always, although the thought is sweet.

The second is about a daughter gifting her single mom (who is always busy playing the dad too) a pair of skates. Surely, it is an attempt to bring the youth and memories back in her life. Well, it did work for her but many mothers may not bother to try skating at this age.

14192175_549775328549610_1408280706153825558_nFinally, the third one has a mother who is lonely as her son is off to the US. He gifts her a camera as she always loved to click pictures before she got busy in the chakki of life. The camera brings the photographer in her alive after she gets clicking, ofcourse with the help of a manual.

Apparently, these videos are based on real life incidents and will help people to relate to the reality maybe, just a little bit. The good part is that your family knows what is that the mother wants the most, or maybe left behind in the journey called life. This may trigger a wave of #loveforyourmother type of feeling in the young and the busy ones. Majority seeing the advertisement may not bother ordering anything, but yes will surely feel a gooey feeling.

Life is such that mothers do tend to leave a lot behind after they enter marriage bonds and children do occupy a large portion of time. Well, we can say the same for fathers also. Why target only mothers? Marriage and kids do take away the man from himself and the boy he used to be.

Maybe, Amazon will now come up with ‘gift your dad a guitar/bike’ campaign to bring out the boy in him also. Hashtag – #DadBeABoyAgain.




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