“My Mother is a Business Woman.”


There may be very few people like me who started working very late in life. I’m yet to meet one. Though I did try my hand at few things earlier but I was destined to end up here. Here’s something that kept my attention and interest in the last six years.

It’s been an interesting journey when I started from a blog where I would write all that would catch my eye. When did my small blog turn into a Branding Agency? I’m myself surprised!

The major drawback however is the time lost in life. When I meet people today I realize they’ve been working for 15/20/25 years. I’m a baby in front of these big shots. I truly have a long way to go. Yeah!

Well, at the same time I’m proud of doing what all we have done in the past 5 years. From a blog to a Creative Digital Agency, we did rise to a great level purely on sheer merit. Yes, it takes time for people to take you seriously and even more time to get used to the fact that you are now at 40, a working woman and not a housewife. Five years later the world will accept, even if it’s with a pinch of salt. (Do Not Give Up).

1501750_10151751995601307_1109423007_nA small blog turned into a branding agency with clients we could not handle with our team put together. So the team increased and then what followed was a space and cash crunch. A kitchenette was transformed into an office with red carpets and blue curtains, a few computers and loads of tea cups gave us G Caffe.

And now I’m asked, “Can you afford so many employees?” Then I proudly say, “Yes, I Can.” Isn’t that an achievement to be proud of, for us whose baby is just 5 years old with a 44 year old Mumma.

So many eyebrows were raised when people heard we are a startup. It was tough. Thanks to these modern times, Startups are now taken seriously. They’re affordable and trustworthy too. You know why? As they honestly want to compensate the time gap which they left behind in a journey called life and want to achieve.

geetanjali-kaul-brand-stories1Now at G Caffe, we are branding those who are coming our way and I feel pride in saying though late in life but I’m glad to be here. The world has now accepted me as a working woman, maybe partly, but yes. This has been the toughest of all crunches ever. The crunch of believing in me.

I had MY moment when during the process of filling a form for school I got stuck at the column which asked – “Profession of Mother”. Very confidently, my son said, “Business Woman Mumma.”

I took a deep breath! I did it!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Best wishes for your success. Thanks for your recent visit to my blog.

    1. G says:

      Thank you. Its good to see you here after so long. Your posts are great! And thanks for your best wishes! See ya!

  2. jpcrouse says:

    Like the post!

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