Do advertisements create a flicker in your heart?

Never give up HOPE! Keep dreaming … One day it will come true! Do you believe in these words?

Yes, these are strong words and times when you are in doubt you must remember them. Hope is the biggest miracle a human heart can carry and make it happen anytime. If we can see hope it is there everywhere.

hope-boatThe Universe possesses hope in abundance. Have you not seen hope in the eyes of a dog when he wags his tail? There is hope in blooming flowers. It is a euphoric feeling which you can only feel.

The other miracle is the ability to dream. I believe it is only humans who keep on dreaming and achieve the unbelievable. Never give up on the dream. Dream on.

I happened to come across this advertisement by Paper Boat called Hope Boat. I waited till the end to see the Paper Boat juice to come out of the boat. But it seems like someone’s imagination was running wild while making this ad. But yes, it sure is one that brings a smile and hope. And mind you it is animation and yet so exuberant.


Isn’t that what the advertisements do? They touch your heart in one way or another.  Here is one cute Ad which got me smiling! Advertising is at its peak in India at present. Well Done Paper Boat!


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