My Daddy Bestest

Even today when my father sings ‘Good Morning’ in my ear when I call him, I feel the warmth and know he’s happy to hear from me! How time flies, he is going to be 74 this May.
It is true that the best compliment is the one you get from your parents when they see you rising and doing well in life. Just a few years ago, sitting in my office studio, he gave me one such compliment!
With a smile, he took a sip of tea and said, “Well you are now truly way ahead than me in life, as you have accomplished all that u have. And I am very happy for all your achievements and happiness.

DADDYBUT there is one field in which ‘I AM STILL AHEAD’.”

So I asked him, “Thanks Dad. And what is that in which you think you are ahead of me?”
He beamed a flashy smile with all his perfect 32+1 teeth and said, “I have a better and more high tech PHONE than yours.”
Oh I so fell of my chair and said, ” Yeah DAD you are right.”
He had a Samsung and I had a Blackberry (Which was fading then).
All I could say after I held my laughter, “You’ll always be ahead of me how ever old I may become. You shall always be larger than life Daddy. I will always be your little girl. (Till you allow me to drive your car).”
Thanks Dad. I Love You!

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