Letter 8 for my son who just turned 18

My Dearest Son,

As the story goes on… the little boy turned 4 years old and he had a baby sister. It took the mother all nine months to counsel the little boy who was very happy to have a sister but at the same time did not want to share his mother with her. It was an alien feeling for him to have a sibling.

The mother spoke to him for hours and hours daily and after many negotiations of several games and a cycle and a game boy that he will share his room and his mom with his upcoming sibling!!! Oh Boy!

… his two favourite ladies

And when she was born he was the first to fall in love with her, so much so that he would not let anyone come near her.

The best of all the memories are the one of the day he held her close and sat in his mom’s lap and said, “I Love You.”

And for so many years the love grew and blossomed and even today after 13 years, she is still most loved by her brother!

They had their bad days too when he would give her a choke slam which by the way is to physically lift a person on your back and then slam on the floor with full force. Hee Hee!

Now he is 18 and she is 13 and there is a special bond they share of a sister and brother!!! When the mother sees them together she feels that her life is complete and she knows that even when she is not there anymore, they will look after themselves and care for each other.

Stay that Way!

Love Maa

P.S: I Love You Darling.

P.S 2: Letter 9 coming up!

P.S 3: For all those who just joined do read Letter 1, 2 & 3, 4 5 &6, 7.

His favourite shirt that he wore on her first birthday, seen here with his grandmother and aunt!


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