How do you maintain your Start-Up?

One fine day in 2011 I started blogging and soon in the beginning of 2014, that developed into a company and here I am!!! It’s been seven years of blogging now and I have been a bad blogger. I guess life just took over and I forgot everything else. Though I have never left blogging on Word press, and believe me I really wanted to at times as the pressure was too much but somehow I just held on.

My start up G Caffe which I created on a nice and sunny winter day in 2014 took most of my time. And I did not realize how much I gave up making this.

Today after 5 years of my start up I look back and feel proud of what all I did and truly just like that things started to happen. I was printing some papers on my not so new Laser printer and it’s then I realized how tough it was when I bought this printer and how I paid the dues. Though it brings a smile on my face.

Well, initially when we start any company unless we are loaded with some super cash which no one objects spending and no one asks what you did with it … you are in a lot of crap!

The first thing is to arrange an empty room that you call your office and most hilariously in my case, it was a kitchen. Amazon started in a garage and I started in a makeover kitchenette rather. Yeah now I laugh on it but at that time it was a boon as all I needed was a place where I could keep two computers and just begin.

God willing we do find people on the way who carve out for you and same happened with me. The two computers became four and people started walking hand in hand. Chairs, tables, pen stands, pens, letter heads, logo, websites, blogs, softwares … everything just fell in place. And so did the capital.

The bad part begins when you set up everything and you have no one to serve. Yeah, initially seen those days also!

But somehow I always had tones of work to do, miles to walk and many gigabytes to learn. Not to mention a family of two growing kids (believe me they really demand attention), a long distance husband (more attention), live-in joint family, a rally of friends and relatives to balance along side. And yes, they have been my support system too!

From being a housewife to a working woman I fought a lot of battles along the way. Yes, these are silent battles many of which no one would even be aware of. A big thanks to everyone who stood by me always.

I know all of you also struggle daily but in the long run if you can sleep well at night and feel the pride in what you do … you have made it!  Stay strong and time will tide by!

The Sun does shine come what may! So should all of us!

So coming back to the first question, ‘How do you maintain you startup?’

The simple answer is by ‘Will Power’!!!





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