‘Keep a song in your heart’

When asked to answer a few questions by the most fabulous Humans Defynd, I was in a fix. Actually such questions do get your brain rolling and one does sit and ponder where actually one stands. Humans Defynd as the name suggests defines humans as they are. It connects humans all over the globe. It was started by Prateek Shah, founder of e-learning hub Digital Defynd which features worlds best online courses. And, I’m honoured to be one of the humans on this large platform.

Humans Defynd interviews Geetanjali Kaul, CEO & Founder of creative agency G Caffe.

Excerpts of my interview:

Q. Who are you, where are you and how did you get here?
A. I’m Geetanjali Kaul from the National Capital Region, and I got here through blogging in a kitchenette. The blog then turned into a butterfly which is now a creative digital agency. Founder of this platform – G Caffe – I brand people with the help of their insights and dreams. From designing your logo to website making-cum-hosting-cum-business e-mails, to social media consultancy, to press coverage, to starting a campaign that suits your profile/product – I do it all.

Q. Other than what you already shared, what do you really like to do?
A. Well, I love to read, watch movies, dance, sing and meet people. You can add travel also. All this together completes me.

Q. What is your life’s mantra(s) – something that you live by?
A. Keep a song in your heart, always give benefit of doubt and love everything.

Q. What is happiness and how do you find it?
A. That’s a tough question. I can simply put it as khud jiyo auron ko bhi jeene do.

Q. Any fond travel memory from the recent (or not so recent) past?
A. Oh yes. My recent trip to Rishikesh to my cousin sister which was just to relax and chill turned out to be a road trip to Kedarnath ji and Badrinath ji! It is amazing how God makes thing turn over in your favour and provides you what you need when he wants you to come to his abode.

Q. In your wildest dreams, where would you ideally be and what would you be doing?
A. I would be travelling the world in a blue jeans, red shirt, mustard yellow sling bag (and with a handsome MAN)! You can guess the doing part!

Q. Can you share one (or more) extra (or ordinary) thing / incident about your life which is fairly fascinating?
A. My filmy wedding was fairly fascinating. My arranged marriage to an actor from Mumbai (then Bombay) was interrupted by a lady in truly filmy style. She wanted to bring an injunction to our wedding! And we wanted to get married despite all. On my wedding day we had guards outside. Oh Boy! Hahaha!

Q. One (or more) book / movie / TV series you think everybody should read / see (and why)?
A. Everyone should read ‘The Palace of Illusions’ by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, to learn how to see the world from a different perspective. Everyone should see the whole series of the movie ‘Kung Fu Panda’, to learn so much from Master Shifu and Poo the Dragon Warrior. And last but not the least see the TV series ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ to learn how to live life and laugh.


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