To Let Go

The most important thing that seems to be lacking in humans is the capacity to ‘Let Go’. Maybe that is the reason for all the complications in our lives.

What do we mean by Let Go?

Simply to just let it go. Forget it as it is the past or will be the past soon.

How do we know that it is the right time to let go?

Well, this is the most difficult thing to understand that when is the right time to Let Go!

And that is mainly as we always feel that all will be well soon and things will become as they were.

In this hope we carry on for umpteen years and keep hanging on to things which may not even exist any more.

The right time is when it starts to pain to keep that feeling inside.

What does it take to Let Go?

It takes an ocean full of courage and a brave heart to just let it go. And strangely we all have it. All we need to do is just let it go!

People turn to several mediums to obtain peace, they spend time and energy and money also. But, do they actually achieve what they started for!

Well, sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t.

To Let Go actually means to forgive!

To fill your heart with love and hope again, we need to forgive and forget the pain and hurt.

It’s not easy …but it’s not impossible. A path of happiness cannot be lead by hatred and pain.

Hope, faith and tenderness can help regain all that is lost! There is always a new day full of sunshine and hope – all we need to do is ‘LET GO’!


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