Things I learnt from my Mother

All our lives we learn and perform without giving it a thought … where did we learn this from. Though I can’t do justice while I make this list, but if I come to think of it, I did learn a lot from my mother as we all do.

Here are some specials!

#Sunday’s are special – Make them so

Yes she would do that always. A day we spent together and made lots of memories. We did have a special menu every Sunday and we cooked together and ate together too. Afternoons were relaxed and evenings were dedicated to television shows or movies which were scarce in those days. Music, food and sleep took over most of the day.

#Festivals are for togetherness – Be so

Be it Rakhshabandhan, Diwali, Jananashtmi, Christmas, we celebrated it all. And surely I loved to do all that she did. Now I’m almost 50 and realize I also love doing what she did in her times when she was bringing us up. Rakhi was always a special day and a special relationship too. Only now I realize how big a role my mom had in making it the way it was. The colours of the Krishna Jananshtami, the decorations, the music, the dresses, the prayers, the food and the people made memories in my heart. She always made festivals special.

#Music & Books – Always keep them close

She taught me to read and so I always had a book in my hand. My room, my house, my bag, all have had books always. And they never did let me down. Music is another gift I got from my parents. Mom’s songs filled every corner of the house, every pocket of my heart! We sang together and every occasion was filled with music. Even today I sing all that she used to sing … and the memories of her house reverberating in the house would fill me up with happiness.

#Dogs – Need I Say More

My love for the four legged furry babies also descended from her. We always had a home filled of dogs. They loved me all their lives and all of mine too. A priceless gift I got from her which I cherish and keep these furry babies close always. Even today!

The list is too long of what I have learnt but these are few specials I wanted to pen down. Apart from other things if we just keep these close to us … our happiness quotient will always be high!

Thanks Maa! Yes Dad your list will come up soon! Hee Hee!

Excuse the quality of the picture. Lost the originals! But the love remains!

2 thoughts on “Things I learnt from my Mother

  1. Aww… I’m so happy to read your comment here Maa! I knew you did not know and that is why I wrote this. Thanks to everyone who liked and shared! ❤


  2. I never knew you remembered so many things of your childhood. Waoooooooooooooooow. Meees very happy for that . Now that you said I tooooooooooooooooo remember all that . Beta this is a cycle which goes on . I too remember all this was done by my mother too. So we don’t know what from are life gose into our mind and sticks there . Blesssssssssssssssssss you my dear . Love you. Be Happy together with your family. Love them and cherish them

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