Make a branding wish in 2020

There are two very important words that take us on this journey we call success, one is Branding and the other is Advertising (read Marketing). I’m still waiting for the time when people can differentiate between the two or should I say three. This whole year has gone by and I’m struggling to teach people the difference between Branding and Marketing. Often mistaken to be the same.

Well when you launch a product or service you need a lot of branding to take it where you want it to go. Marketing and Advertising come way later. It’s amazing how brand owners or start-ups can plan their rise even before they start. I do appreciate their vision that’s what gives wings to their business but the impatience is so overpowering.

I’m sure the other people in my profession agree totally to what I’m saying.

Geetanjali Kaul, G Caffe CEO & Creative Director

Branding takes some time to show results, for that matter anything. The other day the dentist told us that the braces will be there for one and a half year and then only we can straighten the teeth. Well, so we as brand designers or developers need at least one year or six months …come on!

It is a process to develop the core of your brand, make a strategy, design campaigns which are helpful in visualising the design of your brand.

Brand naming, positioning, trends, retail designing, retail visibility, strengthening content, presentation of content which enhances your brand value, conceptualising and creation of social media patterns and trends, online reputation management, compelling strategies and so much more are done to enhance your brand value to bring life into your dream.

But all the client can think is ‘What have you done for me? I have no likes, no sales!!!”

G Caffe creative designs graphic for branding

Phew! Oh boy, that’s a lot of work! If it was not for your brand visualisation, creation and enhancement there would be no marketing! No hard feelings for the marketing guys. I love you all, you do an amazing job, no doubt.

Well, as the year ends, we should not lose hope.

2020 will bring people to the understanding of which side of their bread is buttered. With that thought, G Caffe wishes all an intelligent client oriented year who value and appreciate the work done for them.

As for me, I have parties before I sleep and bottles of wine packaged with foot tapping music waiting!

Happy New Year All You Sexy People!  Be happy, stay strong!


Happy New Year 2020

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