Collector's Affair event at Taksim Restro Bar

Collectors’ Affair at Taksim

It does not happen always that you like everything at an event, feel like picking the whole lot and meet many enterprising people. I am fortunate that way, as I attended one such occasion – Collectors’ Affair – at the awesome Restro Bar Taksim, at Ansal Plaza in New Delhi.  Continue reading Collectors’ Affair at Taksim


Nail Art – My Passion Now

By Pankhuri

I loved drawing as a kid. Initially, I painted flowers. But I used to take a lot of time drawing and colouring flowers, whereas my friends could do it so quickly.

Sometimes I felt as if I lacked the skills; maybe I was too slow. I would understand that I was taking too much time to complete a painting. But one thing about which I was happy was that I always got maximum marks and excellent remarks from my teachers.

This was when I was a small child but as I grew, my passion for drawing multiplied and I started drawing almost everything — landscapes, portfolios, sceneries, sketches, posters.

I started contributing to my school house activities too. I would make rangolis at home and in school that were so appreciated. My school house would always win. With this started my brush with decorations, display boards, chart making works and all the students and teachers would look to me for any event.

Then came the school passing out time when I picked up ‘nail art’, being inspired by polka dots. Though I had never heard of this art form but slowly and gradually I started getting appreciations from my family and friends.

Some of Pankhuri’s works

I started with easy designs and then suddenly difficult ones would be delivered with much ease. In last few years, I have painted so many nails and I always surprise those who come to me for innovative nail art paintings.

Today, I have my own nail art gallery that can be accessed on Facebook — ‘PANKHURI NAIL ART AND GALLERY’ and feel great when I see people liking and appreciating my works.

Many people from abroad and many whom I have never even met encourage me, and I grow with each magical comment.

I thank all who helped me carve out an artist in me. I will keep giving my best to my passion.