Collector's Affair event at Taksim Restro Bar

Collectors’ Affair at Taksim

It does not happen always that you like everything at an event, feel like picking the whole lot and meet many enterprising people. I am fortunate that way, as I attended one such occasion – Collectors’ Affair – at the awesome Restro Bar Taksim, at Ansal Plaza in New Delhi.  Continue reading Collectors’ Affair at Taksim


Nail Art – My Passion Now

By Pankhuri

I loved drawing as a kid. Initially, I painted flowers. But I used to take a lot of time drawing and colouring flowers, whereas my friends could do it so quickly.

Sometimes I felt as if I lacked the skills; maybe I was too slow. I would understand that I was taking too much time to complete a painting. But one thing about which I was happy was that I always got maximum marks and excellent remarks from my teachers.

This was when I was a small child but as I grew, my passion for drawing multiplied and I started drawing almost everything — landscapes, portfolios, sceneries, sketches, posters.

I started contributing to my school house activities too. I would make rangolis at home and in school that were so appreciated. My school house would always win. With this started my brush with decorations, display boards, chart making works and all the students and teachers would look to me for any event.

Then came the school passing out time when I picked up ‘nail art’, being inspired by polka dots. Though I had never heard of this art form but slowly and gradually I started getting appreciations from my family and friends.

Some of Pankhuri’s works

I started with easy designs and then suddenly difficult ones would be delivered with much ease. In last few years, I have painted so many nails and I always surprise those who come to me for innovative nail art paintings.

Today, I have my own nail art gallery that can be accessed on Facebook — ‘PANKHURI NAIL ART AND GALLERY’ and feel great when I see people liking and appreciating my works.

Many people from abroad and many whom I have never even met encourage me, and I grow with each magical comment.

I thank all who helped me carve out an artist in me. I will keep giving my best to my passion.

Neeraj Bhushan

Do you have a design?

India Design Mark is the highest design recognition from the Indian Government through India Design Council

Are you a manufacturer, a brand owner or a designer


do you have any product which is designed


is in market since January 2010?

Then you must get yourself registered with India Design Council – an autonomous body under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. You can check out the eligibility and application procedure by clicking here.

The India Design Council is inviting manufacturers, brand owners and designers to register and submit their innovating designed products for getting the India Design Mark.

This ‘India Design Mark‘ is a design standard, a symbol, which signifies design quality.

India Design Council will then grant you the India Design Mark after evaluating the good design through their systemized process.

It has international appeal too as India Design Mark is initiated in cooperation with Good Design Award, Japan.

India Design Mark symbol is a trustworthy indicator of excellence. The symbol can be used in a wide range of ways, such as advertisements, catalogs, product packaging, and other promotional mediums.

All types of mass-produced products are eligible for India Design Mark. This can include consumer electronics, computer and communication products, machine tools, construction machinery, lighting systems, white goods, household appliances, capital goods, medical equipment, toys, vehicles, agricultural machinery, etc.

gcaffe is given to understand that India Design Mark provides strong differentiation and market positioning as a design and innovation leader.

Also, it acts as a brand extension and imparts competitive advantage to the product in local and international markets. It serves as a unique promotional launch pad for new products and services entering the market.

India Design Mark symbolizes product excellence in form, function, quality, safety, sustainability and innovation and communicates that the product is usable, durable, aesthetically appealing and socially responsible.

Through India Design Mark, the India Design Council seeks to inspire Indian manufacturers to bring to market well designed products that enrich the lives of people.

About India Design Council: In pursuance of the National Design Policy announced by the Government of India on 8th January 2007, the Central Government constituted the India Design Council on 2nd March 2009. The council is formed by 22 eminent people from the field of design, academia, industry organizations and academia. The council has 6 invitee members.

About India Design Mark: India Design Mark is a design standard. It is not a contest. It is a certification of design excellence. It is granted to an applicant after following a diligent evaluation process aimed at identifying good design that exceeds the prescribed criteria of evaluation. India Design Mark is for everyone. Anyone, from global enterprises, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises or cottage industry, can apply for India Design Mark for their product offerings.


Neeraj Bhushan

Lil’ Birdie… Me… & The Paper Doll

It’s strange how small small things take you back in time

What follows is pure nostalgia

While going through the blog of my friend Shruti Saxena, called I dareto dream, I came across this ever so cute paper doll and the heading was – Back to Childhood. Yes, truly… it did take me back to my childhood… my summer holidays… my fun days… when there were no worries about anything and we would just play aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllll day… okaayyyy may be study a little too hee hee… 🙂

I remember hot summer afternoons with mom and dad… figuring out what to do… winter and summer holidays… again what to do… but somehow we would manage to find stuff to do.

Oh… how we used to make castles in the sand, cardboard motorcycles, mobile telephones out of a matchstick, paper dolls, quills, Christmas decorations, paint dried leaves golden and silver, buy some pots and colour them in all shades, wooden puppets, gulels and gilli dundas (toys) craved out of wood… cards with dried flowers and leaves… to send to all in new years and Diwali… and so much more.

We somehow did find lots to do in our holidays and mind you there was no television or theaters those days, no video games, no psp, no dvd… yet we never got bored.

Oh how we dipped into buckets full of yuuuuummmmmyyy mangoes waiting to be squeezed by us and relished. Red and green water melons and musk melons… which we ate all the time. And yes we did create some designs with the outer shell of the water melons and added them to our secret collection.

Times when I would lie down in the green grass and sing songs and listen to the pitter-patter of the falling rain. Many a times, well almost always dance in the rain and also race on the cycles when it was pouring. What a race…!

I used to feel 24 hours is less for us to enjoy the day and sleep away at night and yes we also used to spend hours gazing stars lying down on the roof and trying to figure out all the constellations (the Great Bear-was an all time favorite). Along with all this I also played a lot of badminton, did a lot of swimming, cycling, read a whole lot of books, did lot drawings and made sketches… Oh what super solid fun we had in our childhood!

Times when we would climb trees, collect some pebbles from drive ins, do some gardening, water plants, sprinkle the lawn and then smell the freshness of the wet mud. Oh how I still love that intoxicating fragrance… we would make bird nests and wait for the birdies to fly in and lay their eggs there… and if the birdies did fly in (which though never happened but we thought it did so)  we would wait for days and weeks and climb up and see if there were any eggs… hee hee…!!!

Later on we got to know the truth so we made proper bird houses and then the lil’ birdie’s did come and we did see some amazing birdie babies. How happy and just how excited we were and how we used to guard the eggs from the cats and other bad birds like the big black crow which would fly in to eat them all the time. Those days our only agenda all day was to guard the birdie eggs and later the babies from all evil.

Ah such amazing days still bring a smile on my face and happiness in my heart.

The trend now a days is pretty different. The only word I hear  is “I’m so bored” … “What should I do” … “There’s nothing to do”. This new generation is growing up with tons of gadgets and electronics and yet they lack creativity. If left to themselves they are unable to find how to kill spare time and do something creative.

Maybe it’s not their fault totally. Now-a-days you seldom find trees, birds, nests, open spaces and roof to do all these things…

I’m glad I was born in an era when I could do all these small but special things. Many a things I seem to have forgotten.

I hope I did take you all down your memory lane too. Do feel free and share your special kiddy memories with me…!!!

And yes I totally forgot to show you all the paper doll which is so cute and so easy to make… so go on and enjoy.

Happppiieeee Holidays :)))

Paper Doll

Paper Doll