Letter 4, 5 & 6 to my dearest son who just turned 18


It was early morning and she woke up with a jolt. It seemed as if everything was shaking. Was the ground really shaking? And it is then she realized it was an earthquake. Oh Gosh!!! Now what!

She ran all over the house trying to think for a second. In an instant she picked up the 10 month old baby, grabbed a sheet, a bottle of water and her purse and just ran down the stairs. She lived on the 5 th floor and it was a long flight down the shaking stairs. The baby was screaming on the top of his voice which is natural as he was still half asleep and woken up much before his time with a jolt. It was his first earthquake.

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How do you maintain your Start-Up?

One fine day in 2011 I started blogging and soon in the beginning of 2014, that developed into a company and here I am!!! It’s been seven years of blogging now and I have been a bad blogger. I guess life just took over and I forgot everything else. Though I have never left blogging on Word press, and believe me I really wanted to at times as the pressure was too much but somehow I just held on.

My start up G Caffe which I created on a nice and sunny winter day in 2014 took most of my time. And I did not realize how much I gave up making this.

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