Dreams meaning

My Bloody Dream

Do you interpret your dreams? Maybe only when they are disturbing I guess, as happy dreams don’t disturb you at all. Happy dreams leave you with a surreal feeling on longing and desire which one wants to carry forever.

Well, I had the other kind of dream, multiple times. Yes, the bloody kind in which you see blood, wake up sweating, scared and a palpating heart. Also I saw the same person which was my sweet dog Truffle, and I saw him hurt badly with blood on his body, which left me disturbed for a few days.

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Then I started asking and interpreting the dreams, as to why would I dream in this manner and think of such a situation when it does not exist in real life.

The result I found was that when you have to take some strong decisions you tend to get these kind of dreams. And there are many ways you interpret blood in dreams, like it is outside the body, on the body, dripping down, sucked in, no blood, too much blood, droplets of blood, pools of blood and many more. Each interpreted a different reason like insecurity, upcoming menstrual in women, hormonal changes, physical changes, psychological changes and many more.

Well after I read a detailed article I found that my reason for dreaming of blood in the manner I did was not so bad which felt good and I was satisfied. Continue reading My Bloody Dream

Violence against women in india

How will my children progress in prevailing circumstances?

There was a time I used to look up to the leaders of my country with respect and awe. Now, I run away from anything political as this whole thing repulses me.

It’s been quite some time I’ve wanted to hear any leader speak. I put on the speeches to hear may be a drop of the yesteryears but alas…

Is it necessary that one has to dirty one’s hand and throw mud at the other person to prove a point? My country is burning and bleeding and all one can think of is whom to blame?

We have such elements in humanity who are allowed freely to do these acts along with those kinds who are getting richer as the clock ticks.

TV channels and media are at the lowest. They will stoop to any level to get what they can.

Under these circumstances, I’m trying to protect my children from getting influenced and polluted. How will they progress with these elements around them?

It’s sad they may never see leaders who rule the country by their heart and not their pockets.

They don’t make such people anymore, like leaders who do things for the good of the people, who speak highly of the country and the nation. The only thing we hear now is who is to blame?

Well, as the blame game grows stronger every second, I pray to see a happier and glorious nation where guilt is not what rides in the hearts.

I wish to see My India where streets are safe to stroll around at night, friends can meet and laugh, hot tea served in white tea pots, flowers adorn every house and the sound of music reverberates from every heart!

I wish to see a strong leader who is loved by all and respected by free will. At the end I take a deep breath and keep the pen down with hope in my eyes!