Violence against women in india

How will my children progress in prevailing circumstances?

There was a time I used to look up to the leaders of my country with respect and awe. Now, I run away from anything political as this whole thing repulses me.

It’s been quite some time I’ve wanted to hear any leader speak. I put on the speeches to hear may be a drop of the yesteryears but alas…

Is it necessary that one has to dirty one’s hand and throw mud at the other person to prove a point? My country is burning and bleeding and all one can think of is whom to blame?

We have such elements in humanity who are allowed freely to do these acts along with those kinds who are getting richer as the clock ticks.

TV channels and media are at the lowest. They will stoop to any level to get what they can.

Under these circumstances, I’m trying to protect my children from getting influenced and polluted. How will they progress with these elements around them?

It’s sad they may never see leaders who rule the country by their heart and not their pockets.

They don’t make such people anymore, like leaders who do things for the good of the people, who speak highly of the country and the nation. The only thing we hear now is who is to blame?

Well, as the blame game grows stronger every second, I pray to see a happier and glorious nation where guilt is not what rides in the hearts.

I wish to see My India where streets are safe to stroll around at night, friends can meet and laugh, hot tea served in white tea pots, flowers adorn every house and the sound of music reverberates from every heart!

I wish to see a strong leader who is loved by all and respected by free will. At the end I take a deep breath and keep the pen down with hope in my eyes!

Trade & Flesh Market – Human Trafficking

We live a secure and protected life but do we realize it? Are we thankful for it? Every day passes by and we take life for granted.
There is a parallel life which we are totally unaware of and mainly because we are not affected by it! As the bad and worse does not happen to us we believe that we are safe. But beware, things do happen and happen every minute. Even now when you are reading this somewhere someone is battling with life, someone is being raped, someone is being sold! But we don’t relate to all this and do not even care as we are safe! But things do happen!

A 15 year old girl living happily with her parents is taken to a shopping complex for a good time by a relative! What did she know that this would be the worst day in her life!!! After they buy some clothes and have some fun, she meets a nice looking man and her relative goes away saying he will be back in some time!

Little did she know that this is the last time she would see him! There and then she was sold away and taken to a brothel just for mere Rs.15000. So neatly it was done and she was reported missing by her parents. This is 2013 and we are all an educated lot, but for little money such heinous crimes are done every now and then!

Recently according to an Indian News agency, on 28th March 2013 a flesh trade racket was busted in Bhilwara (Rajasthan) and some people arrested. It is happening everyday. Human trafficking is very common and dangerous. Together we can change the scenario and make a difference.

Keep your children safe, not only girls but also boys! They are in equal danger. Teach them how to tackle such situations and yes they do happen. Let them memorize your cell numbers and your address. Best is to accompany your children. Do not send them alone even with people you know. I know I must be sounding very orthodox but it is a big bad world out there. Let the kids not be targeted to such crimes.

Keep them close, safe and smiling!

Photo Courtesy: Greater Voice.

Photo Courtesy: Greater Voice.

According to the Indian Women welfare Foundation:

India, along with Thailand and the Philippines, has 1.3 million children in its sex-trade centers. The children come from relatively poorer areas and are trafficked to relatively richer ones. (Soma Wadhwa, “For sale childhood,” Outlook, 1998)

India and Pakistan are the main destinations for children under 16 who are trafficked in south Asia. More than 40% of 484 prostituted girls rescued during major raids of brothels in Bombay in 1996 were from Nepal.

Trafficking in women is not a new phenomenon, but in the recent decades, it has emerged as a serious problem, requiring new solutions. The process of privatization and the transition to a global economy have resulted in increased economic burdens for women and created a situation conducive to trafficking in women.

It is a global problem in which Interpol actively seeks to increase and improve international law enforcement co-operation in order to help combat this crime.