Dreams meaning

My Bloody Dream

Do you interpret your dreams? Maybe only when they are disturbing I guess, as happy dreams don’t disturb you at all. Happy dreams leave you with a surreal feeling on longing and desire which one wants to carry forever.

Well, I had the other kind of dream, multiple times. Yes, the bloody kind in which you see blood, wake up sweating, scared and a palpating heart. Also I saw the same person which was my sweet dog Truffle, and I saw him hurt badly with blood on his body, which left me disturbed for a few days.

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Then I started asking and interpreting the dreams, as to why would I dream in this manner and think of such a situation when it does not exist in real life.

The result I found was that when you have to take some strong decisions you tend to get these kind of dreams. And there are many ways you interpret blood in dreams, like it is outside the body, on the body, dripping down, sucked in, no blood, too much blood, droplets of blood, pools of blood and many more. Each interpreted a different reason like insecurity, upcoming menstrual in women, hormonal changes, physical changes, psychological changes and many more.

Well after I read a detailed article I found that my reason for dreaming of blood in the manner I did was not so bad which felt good and I was satisfied. Continue reading My Bloody Dream


Dogs – A Gift To Mankind

A routine day but my heart was pumping faster than usual. I looked at him, he was barely breathing. I went closer and realized that his eyes were stony and he was taking long deep breaths. Oh! I rushed him to the car and drove like a mad woman to the doctor.

I picked him up in my hands and pushed my way through to the examination table. The doctor rushed in and called his team. They all covered him and I was sent outside. He was pumped with loads of injections and they had a tough time finding his veins for an intraveneous drip.

I had a sinking feeling and prayed. Dear Lord, I will be a good girl forever more, please just save him this one time. My eyes closed and hands joined, I sat for an hour as they revived him from this massive heart attack he had. I saw him, but he did not see me this time. He was not breathing anymore. They pumped more medicine and he was stony. The doc told me he is in shock! Alive yes, but not there. I stroked his forehead, his soft hair, called his name but he just looked through me into thin air.

It took the medical team an hour before they could bring him back to life but yes, thank God he survived.  Then the doctor called me inside and as he spoke my heart sank. It was painful to hear what he said.

One of the saddest days of my life ever when the vet told me that I need to euthanize my dog who has just had a heart attack!

He who was 13 years old and had bed sores which would not heal as he could not move his lower limbs at all. I drove back at a slow pace turning to look at him as he lay breathing at an irregular speed. He was blank. I tucked him to bed and sat next to him carressing him for a few hours.

Oh, that miserable night went off sleeplessly. I had two days to decide how to put my pet to sleep forever. One decision the whole family rejected unanimously. How can one allow such a thing!

But I knew he was suffering and was in pain. Silently as if he realized my suffering too he did not whine in pain that night. Quietly he lay down there slowly breathing and looking into my eyes as if saying I have been a good mother.

Next day at sun rise he went to dog heaven. His eyes were open, body warm, blood was gushing, but there was no heartbeat. There he lay with no movement and his look was peaceful as if free from the pain – both his and mine.

He did me the biggest favour by dying himself as I would have never forgiven myself for euthanizing him ever. A burden off my shoulder but I still did not feel good. Silently I cried stting on the cold ground. His warm body slowly turned stone cold but his warmth stayed with me!

They picked him up and buried him in a hole in the backyard. I wanted to tell them make a bigger hole this is so small for him. How will he lie there on cold mud… He hated small cramped up places. They somehow adjusted him in that dingy hole and covered the body with rock salt and then mud.

My heart silently screamed and my eyes pleaded … please bring my baby back. I want to hold him, sing him a song and make him sleep. But no one heard me … And that was the last I saw of him. That is the last I will ever see of him.

This is for you Alfa my darling. You served me well… you loved me well. Up there in dog heaven I know you are reading me. You shall live forever in my heart. You always brought a smile to my face and happiness in my heart.

Euthanasia which actually means a good death, is a way to death with the help of medicine. Animals are injected usually with Pentobarbital or Sodium Thiopental which leads to unconsciousness and then a respiratory and cardiac arrest. That’s the definition of Euthanasia, it sounds so easy but actually it is the most difficult thing to do.

It’s strange how dogs adapt into our lives and become like kids. They teach us how to love and live. They are actually the best gift to mankind. They show us loyalty to the core. In an American survey they found out that if given a choice to save one between family and dogs – 90% people opted for dogs.

There are so many childless people who adopt dogs like children and take good care of them. And you can be sure there won’t be a single doggie who would have betrayed the master. Such amazing dedication – never seen anywhere else!

It is true dogs are the best gift to mankind.