How do you maintain your Start-Up?

One fine day in 2011 I started blogging and soon in the beginning of 2014, that developed into a company and here I am!!! It’s been seven years of blogging now and I have been a bad blogger. I guess life just took over and I forgot everything else. Though I have never left blogging on Word press, and believe me I really wanted to at times as the pressure was too much but somehow I just held on.

My start up G Caffe which I created on a nice and sunny winter day in 2014 took most of my time. And I did not realize how much I gave up making this.

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My Cup Of Tea

I always appreciated anyone who could make me a good cup of tea. We all have our preferences when it comes to tea and also the cup in which you drink. I’m very choosy about the cup I drink in and love to collect all sort of tea sets and cups and mugs for myself. I love gifting them too.
Many hearts melted in these cups and many moments I have lived and re-lived with tea. Many friends made and breakups mourned over tea cups.

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