Collector's Affair event at Taksim Restro Bar

Collectors’ Affair at Taksim

It does not happen always that you like everything at an event, feel like picking the whole lot and meet many enterprising people. I am fortunate that way, as I attended one such occasion – Collectors’ Affair – at the awesome Restro Bar Taksim, at Ansal Plaza in New Delhi.  Continue reading Collectors’ Affair at Taksim


Has anyone ever told you to put your book down?

Born a free bird I never had the craving or desire to work or do something big. Just wanted to enjoy life, love and be loved. Slowly life took over and I happily transformed from a little girl to a loving wife and then mother of two. Everything was good and I led a dreamy life any girl would kill for 35 years.

The only constant was my diary, which I have been writing, scribbling, drawing, pasting since my school times. Now this is not serious writing, just rambles of the heart.

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