Privacy Policy & FAQ

Privacy Policy

G Caffe respects and protects your privacy. It values readers, subscribers, visitors and partners. Any personal detail that you share here is not made public other than your name or info that you disclose to post a comment.

However, such such information may be shared with any concerned agency, if so required by law. G Caffe may use your email id to send you news feeds or feedbacks or to contact you for partnership purposes.

As you are aware, website contents may not always be safe and secure so we advise you to be careful about what and how much you share online.

We make efforts to share accurate information with you but there may be some inaccuracies or errors. The same can be corrected if notified.

Information on G Caffe may be subject to changes or updates without specific notice. You are advised to make appropriate inquiry and seek appropriate advice before acting on any advertisements that you may see. G Caffe does not vouch for any claims made by the advertisers of products and services and shall not be held liable for any consequences.

G Caffe understands that you agree to provide accurate, complete and up-to-date information about yourself in the required fields when interacting.

G Caffe cannot take responsibility or liability for the conduct of any person who uses this site. In addition, G Caffe is not responsible or liable for any loss, damage or injury suffered as a result of the use of this site.

As G Caffe grows, the privacy policy may change, so please check back periodically for updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the comment policy on G Caffe?

Commenting is encouraged here and is moderated. Grammar, spellings and language may be edited but views are not tampered with. G Caffe is excited about visitors and partners and its users being able to communicate with each other and share ideas. At the same time, G Caffe wants all its users to be able to feel safe and at ease whilst using the site.

Q2. My comment is not showing on G Caffe?

Comments are moderated here and may be pending approval owing to time zones. Site moderator is also authorized to block comments that are not in good public taste or are mere self-promotions.

Q3. How to get in touch with G Caffe?

If you want to contact G Caffe for writing assignments, please visit the Content Writing page. For any other purpose, please visit the Contact page.

Q4. How do I get my advertisements or promotions placed on G Caffe?

Here, we do not solicit advertisements. However, you may choose to advertise on G Caffe content website

Q5. The question I wanted the answer to is not asked on this FAQ!

Please submit any question that you may have – Click Here. We will review your feedback and may consider for inclusion for others to see.