“My Mother is a Business Woman”

There may be very few people like me who started working very late in life. I’m yet to meet one. Though I did try my hand at few things earlier but I was destined to end up here. Here’s something that kept my attention and interest in the last six years.

It’s been an interesting journey when I started from a blog where I would write all that would catch my eye. When did my small blog turn into a branding platform? I’m myself surprised!

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Startups & Branding

One fine morning, sitting over coffee on a white sofa in a posh building in Gurgoan, I met a very interesting lady in her 40s. I somehow liked her instantly.

She asked me, “What do you do?” I told her, “I have a creative agency …do Branding.” And then I asked her too, “Well, what do you do?” She replied, “I’m into advertising.” “Oh cool, so we are in the same line. Great.”

With this, we got off chatting…


Next she told me how she started working in 1999 after stepping out of some big institute and worked for other people till she created her own company under the name of ‘White Ink‘ which went dormant after she got married and had kids.

She revived it later around 2012 or so and since then she has never looked back. She also opened a design store of her own in the name of ‘India Design Store’. Now she is handling two big impressive clients. [Dates which she mentioned may differ as I was high on coffee!]

I was hearing her talk in awe. She did a lot in these years and managed to establish herself well.

Then it was my turn… as she asked me, “What about you? What kind of clients do you have?”

Well, I did not have big names or 20 years behind me. I contemplated if I should make a story or tell her the truth? She was a stranger after all and what difference would it make! But, then, I wanted to be honest, so I told her the truth.

“I started picking things about five years ago but technically ventured into branding two years back. I’m helping small businesses grow and I’m myself a startup… and the clients we handle aren’t so well known at present. Then, we also design national Hindi fortnightly Buland Prajatantra and enrich its content. Besides, we also take up website development and social media campaigns.”

13781973_1068167439937619_7257486377479006680_nI told her the truth as it is! “…the whole point is… the big names in the market don’t need me as much, right now. Those raring to go are much comfortable with us, and together we are creating… what they want. My aim has always been to bring out honest and hard working people doing creative works. And, I’ve been good at this, always.”

She was happy to hear my happy housewife turned entrepreneur (if I call myself) story. We both had smiles and a new friendship to carry home. Obviously, we exchanged numbers and checked out Facebook accounts, the first thing as we got home.

To more work and new friends! Cheers.

Is blogging a cake walk?

A question asked a hundred times daily, “What do you do?”

The answer doubted a Hundred times daily.

When someone says I blog, somehow a thousand eyebrows are raised and in a split second your whole character is analyzed and shoved into the attic. Why is it that no one yet, even in 2013, takes blogging as a serious profession? Ah! It is crappy emotional stuff and that is the end of the story.

And then they ask, “What do you write about?” Now as if that makes the job easier. Whether one writes about Sean Connery or a NASA project the effort which goes in is equivalent in both cases. The time and energy put in is no less than any job.

BLOGGING - A cake walkNow it is not just blogging. There are a Hundred Thousand variations to it which people are either not aware of or they just choose to ignore. Along with the writing part comes the PR part too. There are social media sites which one needs to maintain like Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, Pinterest, Tumblr, Indiblogger and so many more. Can you imagine just how many accounts need to be created, maintained and updated daily? Comments accepted and replied, criticism handled and just how many passwords remembered and changed on and off!!!

A lot goes into the making. First you research and write an article, create illustrations, take pictures and edit them, collect proof to authenticate what you write, then publish the post and be prepared that no one just might even read it fully. In comes the social media then and it goes on every time you write. It is a tougher job than writing a book but a book writer is always held in high esteem and bloggers are easily dismissed.

Bloggers Graph Across The World

Bloggers Graph Across The World

As the above graph shows, in all these years blogging has come a long way. Well, think about it, if there were no writers on the internet, there would be no Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia etc. – ever thought just how much effort goes into maintaining these sites. It is a talent and not many are able to maintain what they start.

So before you criticize someone else’s work, walk a mile in his shoes and then open your mouth. Can you imagine a world without internet? Where would you get your references from – The Library? To which you have not been to since 10th standard. Ever thought about it!!!

So people appreciate the hard work and accept the writer with dignity. It takes a lot to do anything in which one puts in a 100%. Don’t let your ignorance hold you from exploring new rising horizons. In such cases ignorance is just not bliss.

Be alert & Stay Informed.


Geetanjali Kaul gcaffe founder. Photo copyright gcaffe.com

Four Hundred Seven Days of joy | 407 days & twinkling stars

gcaffe Founder Geetanjali KaulI wrote my first article on the 9th of December 2011 and by the grace of my good friend I ended up with gcaffe.com.

I did not know even the abcd of blogging then and neither did I know what am I getting into.

Slowly slowly as time passed by I realized this is like an ocean and I want to swim through. See I wrote: ‘I want to swim through and not have to swim!’

Not an easy swim I must say. A thousand times I almost drowned and gulped in so much dirty water, puked out, gulped again, took a deep breath, plunged again, saw so many big ships going by, felt scared of being crushed by them, saw so many whales and sharks, got bitten and bled, plunged again, got stung by jelly fish, took another deep breath and started again.

And then I saw the marvel of a world. I saw mermaids who pulled me out and made me smile, dolphins who took me on their backs and made me glide through the rough waters of the ocean, rainbows and sunshine which lifted my heart when I was down… and I also found a white shadow who made a raft for me to hang on and never let me give up. Then a thousand stars came twinkling and spread so much light. I never saw darkness.

Today, after 407 days of blogging (see my annual report), I stand a stronger and a happier person. More learned than ever and wiser too. My thousand stars are all my readers who come in every morning and night… some are fellow bloggers too. Some I am able to thank… some I’m not. But the truth is that all these would not have been possible without all of you. I so appreciate and value each and every moment you give me, the time you spend on gcaffe site here or its social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Sound Cloud, Pinterest. This is for all of you. You are my stars.

For all my co-blogger friends I would say that I have learned so much reading from what you all write that it is an amazing part of my journey. A part which no one understands. I’m sure it happens with all of you too. I can say, practically no one (leaving one or two) read what I write… in my family or close friends… due to sheer lack of time or interest (as I work, the first thing I hear is: “You are again on the computer… NO!!!”).  Sadly, blogging is still not taken very seriously – a fight we all fight daily, I guess.

But I’m very happy today. As I connect to each and every one of you slowly and gradually and I learn each day… improvise daily and am able to write against the tide. I’m a happier soul. I thank my mentor and my man without whom I would never be here.

Gratitude from the heart.

Geetanjali Kaul, founder gcaffe.com

WordPress ~ Compliments & Celebrations

Friendships In The Wonderful World Of Blogging

Today I got a compliment from a friend who said… “You are a happy person” … and “your happiness shows in your blog…”. Oh, it brought me a smile…!

There’s another beautiful compliment by another friend whom I have never met. She said, “You have shared millions smiles in 9 months. You deserve every bit of love you have gathered. You give in abundance too dear… it is a pleasure to be associated with a beautiful soul like you.”

And one gentleman said, “Looking forward to your anniversary celebrations…awaiting some great feast…” Hee Hee…!!!

Then another one and another one … and another one and so many more … almost all coming from people I don’t know personally but are my regular readers.

Now you must be wondering why I am telling you all this! Well, just to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart to each and every one of you. It is so amazing to be a part – (though a small one) – of the wonderful world of blogging.

Today this small blog of mine completes 9 months which means so many moments of super blogging … (Which also means my maths is hopeless and emotional IQ is superb… hee hee…).

Well, so coming back to the topic… me being a part of the magnificent world of blogging is so overwhelming. A wonderful new world which I feel is like a caravan where I explore different blogs … writers … contents … topics … emotions … blogging arenas … and most important ~ I make new friends.

Friends who are now my regular readers and read almost all that I write – whom I have never seen before … Friends who are my contributors … Friends who are my critics … and many who are my admirers … I am so enriched by this new love that I’ve found in this awesome new world I’m exploring bit by bit every day.

I’m growing daily and learning so much in this journey. During these months I have gathered the expertise to develop business plans for your needs. You may please feel free to write to me in confidence at mail@gcaffe.com to discuss ways to grow together. I am also available for writing assignments. Whenever required, please find it convenient to drop me a line if you are interested in commissioning me to write something for you. Do feel free to contact me anytime.

I’m truly thankful to all those who are walking with me hand in hand and thank you for all celebrations… However big or small every moment with you is a celebration and every number a milestone.

Last but not the least I’m so in love with WordPress as it gives me the wings I need to fly… the widgets … the innovations… the platform which makes me rise and reach upto the sky… A big whooping thank you to WordPress.

When I look back … I feel happy … my first post is still so special to me which I had called Writing My Mind … and then I write every now and then which you all have read here and appreciated. For those who are new to gcaffe, I give you all 9 months and all the posts for you to float by — Read All Here.

As I smile and walk forward I hold your hand … waiting for new horizons and new milestones together.

Compliments from gcaffe to WordPress and many more celebrations to come.

G ~ Caffe’