Mrs Indira Gandhi with red lipstick

When Indira Gandhi asked for my red lipstick

I see myself, wearing a white Cinderella dress with a red cape flowing down the back stairs of the Red Fort.

The red brick walls hide me from all privy eyes.

As I run up the flight of 50-odd stairs to enter the grand building I see someone else running in a similar way wearing the same dress.

As I turn around to see her, I’m happy to see Mrs. Indira Gandhi herself. Continue reading When Indira Gandhi asked for my red lipstick

An Enchanted World of Love

An Enchanted World Of Love

Peter Pan the wonder boy… Who had all the lovely adventures and goodies normal children could not see or feel.. but there was one thing he would never have and was forever barred from … and the story goes on and on… from generation to generation down the centuries as all children grow up except one… who would never grow up…

Peter Pan says I do believe in fairies … So do I… I believe in all that is magical and wonderful … star dust… sparkles… fairies… elves… goblins.. mermaids… chocolate houses which you can eat… dragons which make you ride… ahhh all the fairy tales too.

They hold a special place in my life and will do so till my memory lasts… after that the Fairy God Mother shall take me to the most heavenly place in fairy land and there I’ll meet all… Snow white… Cinderella… Rapunzel… Pooh… Peter pan…lil red riding hood… Hansel and gretel… sleeping beauty… and all the others with whom I have grown up with…

They are an integral part of my childhood (which is still on partially)… hee hee… I believe shall meet me some place… some where… some day.

A world of smiling mushrooms, fireflies, star wands, castles, romances, green jungles, talking toads, sweet goblins, ugly step mothers, cute dragons, starlight everywhere…. A world full of happiness, love, romance and enchantment…

A world where all becomes well and smiles spread in each corner of every face… where evil is defeated in the end by sheer magic and good will.

I feel I live in such a world always and I am such a dreamer. My friends say grow up G… Life is not a fairy tale and will not end up like that… But I know I’m like Peter Pan … As I shall never grow up…

My Prince charming shall never fade out…

And my fairy tale will never end …

An Enchanted World of Love

An Enchanted World of Love