Dreams meaning

My Bloody Dream

Do you interpret your dreams? Maybe only when they are disturbing I guess, as happy dreams don’t disturb you at all. Happy dreams leave you with a surreal feeling on longing and desire which one wants to carry forever.

Well, I had the other kind of dream, multiple times. Yes, the bloody kind in which you see blood, wake up sweating, scared and a palpating heart. Also I saw the same person which was my sweet dog Truffle, and I saw him hurt badly with blood on his body, which left me disturbed for a few days.

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Then I started asking and interpreting the dreams, as to why would I dream in this manner and think of such a situation when it does not exist in real life.

The result I found was that when you have to take some strong decisions you tend to get these kind of dreams. And there are many ways you interpret blood in dreams, like it is outside the body, on the body, dripping down, sucked in, no blood, too much blood, droplets of blood, pools of blood and many more. Each interpreted a different reason like insecurity, upcoming menstrual in women, hormonal changes, physical changes, psychological changes and many more.

Well after I read a detailed article I found that my reason for dreaming of blood in the manner I did was not so bad which felt good and I was satisfied. Continue reading My Bloody Dream

Dogs, Love bites & Casualties

Man’s Best Friend

It is 5.30 am in the morning and I hear loud barks just outside my bedroom… As I run out trying to keep my eyes open and my head oriented in the right direction I see two of my dogs in a huge fight. One is an Alsatian and the other a German Shepard… one is young and ferocious and the other is old and not so strong… As they pull each other and obviously no marks for guessing who is the winner … the stronger one pins down the older one…

And me like a fool jumps into that fight in a split second … I hold on to the chain around his neck and try to separate the two I get hurt badly… They scratch me with their nails… paws… teeth… though not intentionally. Oh it’s bad… and I scream on the top of my voice … shout and screech but all to no avail… till the master enters the room and I am finally able to pull them apart from each other after quite some time.

This marathon fight had a lot of after effects on me… Ahhh pains and groans lasted weeks… bruises and cuts have left their mark all over and I was teased by my man as they looked like love bites… hee hee…!!! God save everyone from such bites.

Then a series of trips to the doctor with both the dogs … the weaker one got stitched up bravely and a few injections down things looked under control. Here I must add how amazed I’m to see the dedication of the Veterinary doctors who nurse these animals day in and out.

As this whole episode subsides down I’m advised by all who hear about this. And I find out the golden rule that when ever two dogs fight we must never interfere… we should just throw water and they’ll scuttle away. Boy Oh Boy… wish I had known… would have saved me from so many aches and pains… Well I guess it’s well said…. ‘no pain no gain’…!!!

On this a friend of mine did mention how he got into such a brawl and ended up with 18 stitches … wow.. that’s something and just how painful it must have been… and this is when he is a dog lover. He and his wife have always been dog lovers. He did write once about his story of 121 dogs on gcaffe which I found very intriguing… called ‘Man Woman and 121 Dogs’.

In this journey of learning I get to hear a sad and shocking news about how a woman in Georgia is killed by her own dogs and is found dead in her house. How tragic can that be.

As I read the news … my heart was sinking…

Rebecca Carey

“A Georgia college student who cared for abandoned animals for nearly a decade was attacked and killed by a dog, police said.  Rebecca Carey, 23, was killed at her Decatur home sometime over the weekend.

Authorities said Carey, who worked with dogs since she was a young teenager, had five dogs living with her at the time of her death. They included a pit bull, which she had owned for six years, a boxer mix and a Presa, a large Spanish breed. She was also dog sitting another Presa for a friend.

Carey’s body was discovered Sunday afternoon after she failed to show up for work at Alpharetta’s Loving Hands Animal Clinic. The dogs that she was caring for in her home were euthanized on Wednesday. It was unclear which dog killed Carey.

The cause of death was listed as neck and upper torso injuries consistent with dog bites, the website reports. Neighbor Monica Cofer said the dogs had never shows any signs of aggression in the past.”

The news had it all… How tragic can that be. A horrific incident which left everyone shocked.

Dogs as it is truly said is ‘Man’s best Friend’… 

I couldn’t agree any less with this. They are the sweetest things God has ever made … apart from me… hee hee…!!!

The first to run and receive me as soon as I park my car … or open the door…

A love unconditional is what it is and has been for centuries.

The Sweetest of All