Things I learnt from my Mother

All our lives we learn and perform without giving it a thought … where did we learn this from. Though I can’t do justice while I make this list, but if I come to think of it, I did learn a lot from my mother as we all do.

Here are some specials!

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… my mornings, my pets & newspapers

I’m a night bird and I love to sleep late… well so I also wake up late. Every morning as I start my day with my tea and some sun … it is an amazing feeling. My two dogs sit with me till both my tea cups are empty. So today was one such morning and the smell of the newspaper which I’ve always loved lured me into the sun along with my pets.

As they wag their tails and follow me where ever I go… one jealous of the other hee hee… 🙂  as I pat one the other will push him away and barge his way through and get his share of love from me… how sweet is the feeling to be so loved unconditionally by these two … and yes one is a German Shepherd called Alfa and the other is a Dalmatian called Zorro…

I pick up the newspaper and take a deep breath … I so love the fresh smell of the paper in the mornings. Though many a days by the time the paper reaches me it is not so fresh as it has been read by a few and shared here and there …. sigh… 😦 but a few lucky mornings I do get the crisp sheets all to myself… aha what a feeling. And I always thank the guys who work all night in making the news and bringing it to my doorstep … I owe the pleasure in the mornings to all of them…

So boys and girls take out some time for your mornings and relax a bit. Enjoy every sip of the tea or coffee you have. And when you have your tea for a change don’t do anything else… just have tea. Don’t look at the newspaper, no phones, no chats, no computers… nothing… just plain and simple tea. Do it just for yourself. You owe it to yourself …