Violence against women in india

How will my children progress in prevailing circumstances?

There was a time I used to look up to the leaders of my country with respect and awe. Now, I run away from anything political as this whole thing repulses me.

It’s been quite some time I’ve wanted to hear any leader speak. I put on the speeches to hear may be a drop of the yesteryears but alas…

Is it necessary that one has to dirty one’s hand and throw mud at the other person to prove a point? My country is burning and bleeding and all one can think of is whom to blame?

We have such elements in humanity who are allowed freely to do these acts along with those kinds who are getting richer as the clock ticks.

TV channels and media are at the lowest. They will stoop to any level to get what they can.

Under these circumstances, I’m trying to protect my children from getting influenced and polluted. How will they progress with these elements around them?

It’s sad they may never see leaders who rule the country by their heart and not their pockets.

They don’t make such people anymore, like leaders who do things for the good of the people, who speak highly of the country and the nation. The only thing we hear now is who is to blame?

Well, as the blame game grows stronger every second, I pray to see a happier and glorious nation where guilt is not what rides in the hearts.

I wish to see My India where streets are safe to stroll around at night, friends can meet and laugh, hot tea served in white tea pots, flowers adorn every house and the sound of music reverberates from every heart!

I wish to see a strong leader who is loved by all and respected by free will. At the end I take a deep breath and keep the pen down with hope in my eyes!

Songs, wedding sangeet & times

A  normal day today. I had a late night so I woke up late. Had my tea and then glanced through the newspaper and sat in the crisp winter sun. Opened my laptop and logged into Facebook and the first post I saw was by a friend of mine who had posted a song and written that this is the song that she’ll dance on at her niece’s wedding sangeet ahhh nostalgia, so you see that is what triggered off this post.

India ~ my beautiful country and a cultural hub, but in these changing times I notice that music over the years and traditions are changing too. Though the basic structure of the Indian wedding is still the same but there have been humongous changes over the years. All this time we have used folk, classical and Bollywood music as a base to celebrate these numerous occasions in our weddings.

The Shehnai  still rules ever since its started and is still considered a tradition to play the Shehnai in the wedding all through. It is the function of the wedding Sangeet which I think has changed in a big way. Recently I attended many a weddings in the past 5 to 6 years and I see that a new trend has come up.

The Sangeet is now held on a dance floor with a Dj and is generally a medley of the latest happening Bollywood numbers which a group of family members perform a night before the wedding. The songs are rehearsed with the help of a professional choreographer and many a steps are same as in the movie from which they take the song. Basically they pick up item numbers and make a medley and perform. No doubt it is outstanding and their costumes are shining but I feel something is missing.

I miss the old days the old fashioned sangeet functions which used to happen on the spot, people used to sit on gaddas (mattresses) and girls used to dance and everyone used to join in, so much fun we all had. And there were only women allowed, men used to be banned. Peeking toms they were a lot of fun, laughter, dance, along with henna applications. people had time in their hands.

Now the times are different, we have big Indian weddings. They are lavish and a very expensive affair, we have wedding planners, celebrities, trousseau and trial, make up and hair do’s, rehearsals and gifts take away all the time and tire us out. Unhealthy competitions and gossips., bitching, so much more. Well all this used to happen in earlier times too I’m sure.

Or maybe I’ve grown up so I see all this.

When I was growing up there wasn’t one wedding where I did not dance, good or bad irrespective. A few reigning songs in those days were ‘Mere hathon mein nau nau chudiyan hain‘- from Chandni (1989) and ‘Chane ke khet mein’– Anjaam (1994) and ‘Reshmi Salwar kurta jaali ka‘- Naya Daur (1957) also ‘Ude jab jab zulfen teri – Naya Daur (1957) though all of these may not be wedding songs but majority weddings had these performances.

And a hot favourite of almost everyone which made people cry was ‘Yeh galiyon yeh chaubara – Prem Rog (1982) this one emotional song with superb beats and steps almost everyone danced on this one, did you not people!!! It somehow had the essence of marriage, ceremonies, emotions overflowing and outstanding lyrics.

Another popular wedding song in my time was the Amitabh-Rekha starrer ‘Pehli pehli baar dekha aisa jalwa – Silsila (1981). A foot tapping number made everyone dance. Now-a-days we all dance to Yo Yo Honey Singh and groove.

A few oldies and some latest wedding sangeet songs I love personally I have listed below for you with links to hear if you feel like. They are in no particular order just a few numbers where they have presented the ceremony my way.

The sound of the Dholak and the beats together still make my feet tap and I can’t resist dancing…

…dance my second love… music being my first…

O how in Love I am!!!

My list ~ For you.

1. Gore gore haathon mein mehndi laga ke – Parineeta (1953)

2. Ghunghat hata na dena goriye – Sapan Suhane (1961)

3. Gori sasural chali – Shagoon (1964)

4. Kajra muhobaat waala – Tanu weds Manu (2011)

5. Navrahi Majhi Navsaachi – English Vinglish (2012)

6. Ye Galiyan ye chaubara – Prem Rog (1982)

And one of my ever so favourites here and enjoy….. !!!