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My Bloody Dream

Do you interpret your dreams? Maybe only when they are disturbing I guess, as happy dreams don’t disturb you at all. Happy dreams leave you with a surreal feeling on longing and desire which one wants to carry forever.

Well, I had the other kind of dream, multiple times. Yes, the bloody kind in which you see blood, wake up sweating, scared and a palpating heart. Also I saw the same person which was my sweet dog Truffle, and I saw him hurt badly with blood on his body, which left me disturbed for a few days.

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Then I started asking and interpreting the dreams, as to why would I dream in this manner and think of such a situation when it does not exist in real life.

The result I found was that when you have to take some strong decisions you tend to get these kind of dreams. And there are many ways you interpret blood in dreams, like it is outside the body, on the body, dripping down, sucked in, no blood, too much blood, droplets of blood, pools of blood and many more. Each interpreted a different reason like insecurity, upcoming menstrual in women, hormonal changes, physical changes, psychological changes and many more.

Well after I read a detailed article I found that my reason for dreaming of blood in the manner I did was not so bad which felt good and I was satisfied. Continue reading My Bloody Dream

Rupali Gupta. Photo © gcaffe.com

Do You Call It A Car In The Hands Of A Drunk Driver !!!

By Rupali Gupta

Rupali Gupta. Photo © gcaffe.com“COLLEGE GIRL MOWS DOWN 4 INNOCENT PEOPLE SLEEPING ON THE PAVEMENT” … screeched the morning paper. Through bleary eyes and listless state because of the tea-less-ness of my system (this was because of excessive and deliberate delays from my maid) … my imagination went wild.

In this vision the college girl woke up with blood on her lips as she had been too tired to wipe her face after the midnight sacrifice she had to perform as part of her daily ritual. She woke up, removed her fangs, and placed them in the safety box next to her dresser. Post this she started getting ready to go to college which served as her human alias while she identified new victims to pry upon.

As she left home she felt a general unease. It was probably because she had over-exceeded her quota of the witches concoction … an overdose always increased the bloodlust. But she knew how to handle it. The whole day went without much incidence but on her way back something snapped.

What happened is she saw these gazillion people sleeping on the road and the primitive in her took over. Without much ado she pressed down the accelerator and swerved the car she was driving to be able to hear the crunching of as many bones as possible. The screams of agony and the splattering blood gave her a high that none of the planned sacrifices could.

String her up to the altar and burn her screamed an imaginary judge ……

Just then my world swam into focus again … I saw my morning nectar. After the first few sips, perspective returned and I had another vision.

This young girl wakes up, full of dreams and aspirations… has her coffee with the parents, dresses up for college and rushes out to meet her friends. She spends her day just a college going person should. A lecture here, a lecture there with a bit of bunking thrown in. Some plans for the evening. But she needs to get home to inform her parents and change. This is where tragedy strikes.

She has an accident. NO. I don’t believe that she mows over the people in a drunken stupor. Here are some of the many options that could have happened:

  • Some one walked on the road suddenly
  • Some dog ran across the car
  • Some wailing baby on the other side of the street startled her
  • Someone tried to overtake her and she has no choice but to suddenly move sidewards
  • Car almost fell into a huge pothole
  • Maybe the car malfunctioned … not for any other reason but because it happens
  • Blah
  • Blah
  • Blah

The point I am trying to make is that she probably did not mow over those people and it was a genuine accident. Accidents do happen.

And what were those “poor” people doing there anyway?

I am not saying that people do not drive rashly. They do.

I am not saying that people do not drive after drinking. They do and such people should be punished.

All I am saying is that every accident is not a deliberate attempt to reduce the population of India.

What about all the people who walk on roads as if its there own papa’s property? What about all those beggars who let their children lose on the streets (probably in the hope that they will be able to fleece some poor car owner)! What about the fauna that roams the streets of every city in India because certain people feel that all animals (including humans) are equal? What about the crappy inadequate roads? What about the garbage on the road, the legal and illegal small shops? What about the untrained asinine bus drivers! What about just about everything out there on the roads!! What about the kaali peelis!!! What about the autos …!!!

Let’s look at the carwallas’ perspective –

He buys a car. From an income that is highly taxed as he is the minority that actually pays – Pays road tax – Pays car tax – Pays gazillions for a single gallon of petrol …

… Manoeuvres through all that mentioned above.

And if by a millionth chance he loses control of the car for a micro second he ends up being behind bars for manslaughter. This man / woman slaving away from morning to evening, trying to lead a good life is a criminal. For the crime of being semi-affluent and educated he / she is branded a monster.

Of course there is someone at fault. Of course the driver is also at fault but not alone. That’s all I am saying.

And think about it… the college girl was no witch out on a manhunt. She probably had the most traumatic day of her life also.