There are so many things which you need when you are making a name for yourself in this world.

You may be a writer, an educationist, an actor, a designer, a home baker, an entrepreneur, a musician, a startup, a struggling name (which was once a famous brand), or you just wanna make a name… I’m the one for you.

Founder of this brilliant platform called G Caffe, I brand people with the help of their insights and dreams. Aren’t you passionate about making a name?

From designing your logo to website making-cum-hosting-cum-business emails, to social media consultancy, to press coverage, to starting a campaign that suits your profile/product – I do it all!

I began working late in life and tapped my USP of connecting people. I fall in love with all that I see and always believe in giving the benefit of doubt.

I started this platform in 2011 for blogging and wrote success stories. Now it’s a Creative Digital Agency making brands. We have nine web portals and we’re also experts in print media coverage.

Here, I sail with the best team onboard G Caffe which is India’s one stop place for Advertising, Branding, Media Coverage, Communications, Content Writing, Social Media, Information, Digital, Consumer Insight, Consultancy and Podcasts.

You can find me on www.gcaffe.org.

Geetanjali Kaul

78 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi G,

    Only today I could go thru’ your blog in detail .
    Really awesome !
    It has a nice layout.
    The lucid style of writing makes it more impressive !

    Keep going !
    All the best !
    Shall visit more often .



  2. Hi G! Read your post! Hah! Writing with a pen into paper is a enjoying experience indeed, as compared to tapping keys on keyboard! You are absolutely correct, we are over dependent on technology for everything! It might be good for us. You were preparing Test Paper, so I guess you are a teacher! Anyways keep on writing these types of post, I really enjoyed reading it!
    Cheers 🙂


    • Hola Amrita….
      No I’m not a teacher…
      Just generally…
      Thanks for stopping by dear..
      looking forward to seeing u more often.
      Cheers … to the smell of fresh paper… n ink…


    • OH YEAH…….. TEA is a drink for the soul…….
      and G is the seeker….
      rising beyond all the he…. and she…barriers… trying to reach out only with words….
      cheers…to big cuppa of tea together on this beautiful morning…


    • Hey Yatin….
      whoever said we dont have TEA here for u????
      most welcome……
      thanks for dropping in..
      see u more very soon…..


  3. It is important to say what you feel like. It is more important to say it the way you feel like. That is the essence of independence – independence of soul, independence of thought, independence of mind, independence of wisdom. Xpressooooooo…!!!


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