Happy Wala Thank You!!!

So, suddenly I open this page and there it is. Yes we crossed a LAC! Though to be honest I haven’t been able to write much, majorly due to a block sort of thingy! And yes life also kept me busy. My brand agency has completed five years and work has engulfed me totally.


And yes my beloved WordPress always had my heart … here G Caffe my sweet baby is now 8 years old now and has seen many ups and downs, yet here we are! A lakh richer.

Thank You WordPress!


Oh yes long time back I could have just bought some and reached this limit but then that was not what I wanted. When I started writing with ‘Writing My Mind‘ many moons ago I would wonder… is anyone reading anywhere in this blogging universe?

…and yes we all wonder about that some or the other time and then we reconcile and just keep writing.

My happy heart thanks all my loved ones for standing by me and for pushing me to reach higher! Thank you to all my readers for giving me hope always!

Looking forward to more writing and many more LACS! Muuaaahhh ❤

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