To Let Go

The most important thing that seems to be lacking in humans is the capacity to ‘Let Go’. Maybe that is the reason for all the complications in our lives.

What do we mean by Let Go?

Simply to just let it go. Forget it as it is the past or will be the past soon.

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Mrs Indira Gandhi with red lipstick

When Indira Gandhi asked for my red lipstick

I see myself, wearing a white Cinderella dress with a red cape flowing down the back stairs of the Red Fort.

The red brick walls hide me from all privy eyes.

As I run up the flight of 50-odd stairs to enter the grand building I see someone else running in a similar way wearing the same dress.

As I turn around to see her, I’m happy to see Mrs. Indira Gandhi herself. Continue reading When Indira Gandhi asked for my red lipstick