“My Mother is a Business Woman”

There may be very few people like me who started working very late in life. I’m yet to meet one. Though I did try my hand at few things earlier but I was destined to end up here. Here’s something that kept my attention and interest in the last six years.

It’s been an interesting journey when I started from a blog where I would write all that would catch my eye. When did my small blog turn into a branding platform? I’m myself surprised!

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Startups & Branding

One fine morning, sitting over coffee on a white sofa in a posh building in Gurgoan, I met a very interesting lady in her 40s. I somehow liked her instantly.

She asked me, “What do you do?” I told her, “I have a creative agency …do Branding.” And then I asked her too, “Well, what do you do?” She replied, “I’m into advertising.” “Oh cool, so we are in the same line. Great.”

With this, we got off chatting…


Next she told me how she started working in 1999 after stepping out of some big institute and worked for other people till she created her own company under the name of ‘White Ink‘ which went dormant after she got married and had kids.

She revived it later around 2012 or so and since then she has never looked back. She also opened a design store of her own in the name of ‘India Design Store’. Now she is handling two big impressive clients. [Dates which she mentioned may differ as I was high on coffee!]

I was hearing her talk in awe. She did a lot in these years and managed to establish herself well.

Then it was my turn… as she asked me, “What about you? What kind of clients do you have?”

Well, I did not have big names or 20 years behind me. I contemplated if I should make a story or tell her the truth? She was a stranger after all and what difference would it make! But, then, I wanted to be honest, so I told her the truth.

“I started picking things about five years ago but technically ventured into branding two years back. I’m helping small businesses grow and I’m myself a startup… and the clients we handle aren’t so well known at present. Then, we also design national Hindi fortnightly Buland Prajatantra and enrich its content. Besides, we also take up website development and social media campaigns.”

13781973_1068167439937619_7257486377479006680_nI told her the truth as it is! “…the whole point is… the big names in the market don’t need me as much, right now. Those raring to go are much comfortable with us, and together we are creating… what they want. My aim has always been to bring out honest and hard working people doing creative works. And, I’ve been good at this, always.”

She was happy to hear my happy housewife turned entrepreneur (if I call myself) story. We both had smiles and a new friendship to carry home. Obviously, we exchanged numbers and checked out Facebook accounts, the first thing as we got home.

To more work and new friends! Cheers.

Smartphones Are The New You

Actor Ashish KaulThe new age has arrived. Thanks to smartphones.

Smartphones have already dominated 2014. Everyone seems to be looking for that perfect phone.

Whether you’re a mobile-tech expert, novice or somewhere in between, companies from America to China have a wide selection of smartphones.

It is another fact that Indian Government is advising public servants to choose from Made in India phones.

High alerts are also pending against some foreign brands on account of data security.

The United States is already accused of reading phone data of world leaders.

But even at our ends, somewhere along the line there is a huge lack of trust when it comes to smartphones.

Thus, the new technology is creating barriers also. Do you share your smartphone with someone?

Earlier, anyone could use anyone’s phone. Today, everyone has one’s individuality stamped on smartphones, be its use or data in any form – photos, videos, messages.

Even your menial staff and other home serve providers like washerman are carrying smartphones.

For many, smartphones have become a status symbol and also the deciding factor to determine how advanced you are.

True, smartphones connect you well and have made communication easier, but they have also impacted our lives in a manner that we are constantly on the hook.

Aren’t you available now 24×7? Aren’t you reading your mails all the time? Aren’t you hanging on the social media apps checking updates?

Smartphones MarketAnd thanks to free messaging and telephony services like WhatsApp, Hike, Viber etc, you are being bombarded with all kinds of forwarded messages which travel from one smartphone to another without any purpose.

Worst. A good morning and a good night message from any Tom, Dick and Harry is annoyingly becoming mandatory that should be cause for concern in the New Year.

You may say one should not download such features or apps in smartphones that create cobwebs but then, the smartphones are addictive enough, so much so that one gets crazy in the head when the wonder phone goes for repair.

All said and done, the new age machine is a blessing in disguise for sure. No wonder there is a brand war going on to capture the market.

You better leave these companies to compete among themselves for they are working overtime to bring new features for you with new generation phones.

After all smartphones are not just mobile phones anymore. They are new phones with an operating system with a camera, global navigation unit, wi-fi, payment gateways, touch screen media players and… what more!