Collectors’ Affair at Taksim

It does not happen always that you like everything at an event, feel like picking the whole lot and meet many enterprising people. I am fortunate that way, as I attended one such occasion – Collectors’ Affair – at the awesome Restro Bar Taksim, at Ansal Plaza in New Delhi. 

Geetanjali Kaul, Ritu Sood

Ritu Sood of Mantra and Geetanjali Kaul, Founder, G Caffe.

The exhibition was conceived and organized by Creator, Design Thinker and Imagineer Akhil Vadehra and scion of one of the most historic families of the country Daljit Sean Singh. Sahil Madan, India Partner with International F&B chain Taksim, was also a co-promoter.

Namrata Mamak and Amrita Verma, the curator of The Egg art gallery, with a guest at Collector's Affair at Taksim.

Namrata Mamak and Amrita Verma, the curator of The Egg art gallery, with a guest at Collectors’ Affair at Taksim.

Event organisers Namrata Mamak and Daljit Sean Singh of Event Décor appeared the most gracious as they took care of every small detail like filling the air with the sweet smell of flowers. Their personal touch could be seen all over the place.

Namrata’s floral artistry at the Collectors’ Affair showcased how her Royal ancestry continues to fascinate India’s most powerful Royalties, as well as the political and industrialist families. Even the music was soft and the lighting was just right, as Taksim glittered with paintings and artifacts.

Arpan Bhowmick’s paintings, in particular, were mesmerising. The ground floor had paintings and artifacts all over with each piece being a collector’s delight. At the same time, Kanish Bhargava’s exquisite Jamawars, Chicken Duppatas and Pashmina were breathtaking.


The bar had the splendid Johnnie Walker cocktails by United Spirits, and I did not miss the Ginger Mango Mule while roaming around the first and the second floors, looking around for the exhibits. Taksim’s Basa starter was to die for and so were the Dahi Kabab and the Prawns.

Johnnie Walker

Taksim also charmed me with awesomely sweet water bottles by L’eau Pure. Skin care products by Dr. Monica were a catch before I left the venue with the gift hamper (which I was eyeing all evening) by Ritu Sood of Mantra, an offshoot of Baidyanath.

Col Anil Raj of L’eau Pure and Ritu Sood of Mantra (in black dress).

Col Anil Raj of L’eau Pure and Ritu Sood of Mantra (in black dress).

And as I turned my phone on the next morning, this message tickled on the screen, “Thank you for gracing the occasion. We are truly living in a global society, surrounded by timeless ideas and objects. Thank you for your time to appreciate Collectors’ Affair, to explore the universal, timeless language of art – Akhil Vadehra.”

I replied to the message thanking the organisers for allowing me to examine the relationship between art and time that they displayed so powerfully by featuring over 100 objects ranging from rare hand-crafted lifestyle pieces to contemporary installations.

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